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Simply Santorini Pt. 2

The next stop, and very important one on our Greece Trip was Santorini. After all this was the main reason for trip as it was the location of my clients destination wedding. So after a few days in Athens, we were off.

P.S. If you missed the Athens blog, you can read all about our adventures here.

From Athens some of us took the ferry over to Santorini, while others choose to fly. The ones that flew were smart. They left in the evening so they had half a day to continue enjoying the sights and sounds of Athens. For those of us that opted for the ferry, it was a very early morning departure (7am) so most of our time was spent catching up on our beauty sleep!

Once in Santorini, nothing could of prepared us for what we were going to bless our eyes on. It was simply breathtaking. We stayed in Oia (pronounced Ia) and it is JUST like you see in the postcards. A network of charming houses hanging off the hillside overlooking the Aegean Sea. It is a traditional village filled with blue domed churches, sun bathed verandas, quaint taverns, cafes, shops and oozes romance.

Oia Pedestrian walkway

Caldera View

Look at the sky, we enjoyed that everyday. How can you not be happy here?

Look at that background. Just like you see in the postcards.

Home sweet home La Perla, a boutique hotel with all villas facing the Aegean Sea.

Breakfast made to our liking and delivered right to our door everyday.

The girls came here on the day I had my clients wedding, they raved so much about this family run business that I had to check it out the next day. The food was delish! I wish I remembered the name as I would highly recommend it.

Infamous church, Church of Panagia of Platsani

Donkey ride for $10 Euro's is probably the best money one can spend when trying to climb those steep uneven cobblestone steps in the hot, hot sun.

The girls spent the day on an excursion that started out climbing a volcano in Nisida Nea Kameni followed by a dip in the sea. They loved it.

This was lunch. They raved about it. Do you see a pattern? Yes, we pretty much loved every meal we had in Greece.

A day trip over to Fira rounded out our time in Santorini. It became very evident to us that we needed months to really experience all that this beautiful island has to offer.

After 4 nights, it was a reluctant bon voyage and we were on our way to Mykonos.


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