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Do I really need a PLANNER?

This is a very timely topic as brides-to-be start thinking about 2018/9 wedding plans. Obviously as a Planner, my response is going to be a resounding "yes" - "of course". lol

At the onset, planning a wedding sounds like tons of fun to the unsuspecting couple. Often the mindset is, "we will spend a few hours each night working through the details and it will all come together perfectly, right". Not really.

In actuality, planning a wedding can be a very daunting experience. First you have to source all the vendors and once you've gotten in touch with them, be expected to answer the millions of questions they will have. Then the budget question comes up... again and again. Next, how many guests are you going to invite? Who is going to be in your bridal party? Do you want round tables or square? The list of questions goes on and on. And, we can't forget the opinionated family members that constantly provide unsolicited feedback.

Leave all that stress to the Planner...

We'll sweat the details. If you are working with a professional planner chances are they have done this a few times. Don't leave your wedding to chance, it's a big investment and you probably don't go in with the mindset that you will do it again. We have the contacts and connections that will save you oddles of time. Why spend countless hours trying to find a reputable photographer when we can furnish you with a preferred list?

We have your back. We also know what things costs, so we can help to ensure you are paying a fair price and not getting taken advantage of.

We'll keep on top of things. I spend a good portion of my time following up with suppliers and vendors. Everyone is busy and most of the time it takes a few emails and sometimes an in-person visit to get an answer. Don't waste your precious time chasing vendors, instead spend that time with loved ones.

We'll troubleshoot. Our true value shines on your wedding day. No wedding goes 100% perfect. Trust me on that. But one thing you can rest assured of is that on your wedding day no one will be coming to you with questions/concerns or needing a decision. We are the key point person for everyone and have the ability to troubleshoot and resolve un-planned issues that arise on our wedding day.

You really cannot put a price on the peace of mind a planner will bring. Ask any bride who has planned a wedding on her own and 99% of the time they will say they wish they had a planner.

It is absolutely worth the investment.


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