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Athens, Greece Pt. 1

Boy! Where do I start with this trip?

This trip started out from a client booking me as their destination wedding planner for their wedding in Oia, Santorini. Since I have never been there before, I figured I would make a trip out of it and visit a few other places while I was there. Makes sense, right?! Then the thought occurred to me, to throw it out to my friends and family and see if anyone would be interested in coming along. Voila, on Sept 22, 2017 - 8 of out set out on our journey.

I have travelled all over the world, but I have never seen anything quite like this. Beauty + culture + romance are the words I use to describe this magical place.

First stop was Athens where we spent 2 days in this bustling city. Our hotel, Divani Acropolis, was 10 mins walking distance to Plaka and the Acropolis so we tackled that first. We spent the remainder of our time exploring the city on the hop on hop off bus and saw the Temple of Zeus, Parliament, Panathenaic Stadium, National Library, Flea Market, Piraeus and many other "must see" spots.

National Library

Hustling bustling streets of Monastiraki


Divani Palace Acropolis a comfy hotel located on the outskirts of Plaka and 10 minutes walking distance from the Acropolis.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Plaka, Athens

A true depiction of their culture. Catching up with friends or family on a patio.

We hopped on and we hopped off - best bang for your buck.



It was a whirlwind, but we had to keep it moving. After 2 days on mainland we were on our way to the island of Santorini.

Continue to follow our journey in the next blog post.


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